2012 LAND Creative Writing Journal


Author: Lisa Ulman

Mentor: Dennis Hinrichsen
Lansing Community College

"Red-Eyed Flight Arrival: Soldier in a Flag-Draped Casket, Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, 2005 "
Author: Margaret Anderson

Mentor: Teresa Scollen
Northwestern Michigan College

"Old Ol' English"
Author: Kwame James

Mentor: Gretchen Kline
Muskegon Community College


"Unclean Fish"
Author: Kaitlyn Linsley

Mentor: Dennis Hinrichsen
Lansing Community College

"Rite of Passage"
Author: Corey Maxedon

Mentor: Janice Zerfa
Lake Michigan Community College

"A Change of View"
Author: Abby Jo Tongue

Mentor: John Pahl
Northwestern Michigan College


"Some Secrets Must Be Kept"
Author: Stacey Glass

Mentor: Todd McCann
Bay De Noc College

"Waiting for the Lights: Sauk Theatre"
Author: Makayla Eppel

Mentor: Kathy Burk
Jackson Community College

"This Land Was Made For You and Me"
Author: Jenna Lynn Hunt

Mentor: Carol Finke
Kirtland Community College


Photo Credit: urbanworkbench

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